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Marlfield Farm free-range turkeys aren't just any old turkey. Our bronze birds are a slow-growing breed which are born to roam and believe us, they do. To the far corner of their grass field, onto the braches of trees, hedges, farm machinery and on straw bales, our birds aren't coach potatoes. 

They have a great life and that means our turkeys are some of the tastiest you'll find. 

Slow growing and hung for a up to 10 days, our turkey tastes like turkey should.


Our free-range geese can be heard from far and wide, chattering away day and night as they graze on grass and home-grown wheat. 

They arrive as day-old goslings from Norfolk in the spring and are a slow-growing breed which act as security guards on the farm.

After a happy life it's no wonder our geese are unmatched in taste, something which is helped by hanging the birds for at least 10 days.

A rich, deep flavoured meat, goose is an increasingly popular alternative to turkey at Christmas.


Marlfield Farm free-range chickens taste like chicken used to. 

We rear the birds to at least ten weeks old, a period of time which gives them time to grow and enjoy the outdoors.

By maturing properly, and enjoying a happy life, our chickens are second to none when it comes to taste.

A deep flavour means Marlfield chickens are a great alternative at Christmas or at any time of the year.

It's worth trying at least one to remember how chicken should taste.


Northern Ireland's premier free-range poultry producer

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Bronze free-range turkeys

Our bronze free-range turkeys enjoy wandering across four acres of grassland adjacent to the farm

Free-range geese

Our geese have their own four acres to roam around and do a good job of grazing the grass.

Free-range chickens

We rear free-range chickens for the festive season. They have their own field to enjoy over their slow growing lifetime.